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The K9 Commander way utilizes unique balanced dog training methods that are designed to help create a well balanced pet and strengthen the bond between owner and dog. Operating out of Youngsville, NC, and the surrounding areas, we offer a full line of training services for the working dog to the family companion.


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Training Options for Everyone

Our Training Services

Our training classes are not designed for dogs with past human bite interactions or aggression.
If you need specific help in one of these areas please contact us for training options.

In Home Private Training


*additional mileage charges may apply depending on location

Advanced Working Dog training options are also available, although Working Dog training is very specific and personalized to the type of training, as well as to the dog and family. Please email directly to inquire about Working Dog training options here.

Other Training Options


We also offer on site training options. The K9 Commander is partnered with Audrey’s Barkyard to offer on site training options for those who’s schedules do not allow for in home training. Please contact Audrey’s Barkyard directly to discuss one of these options, please note that on site training dogs must follow Audrey’s Barkyard guidelines and requirements for daycare and boarding.

2 Week Boarding Package
  • This includes two weeks of boarding (Not available holiday weeks).

  • Package also includes 2 in home sessions at completion of the boarding to work with dog and owners together. Also includes a 3rd in home refresher session that the owners can request within the first year of completing the board and train. Owners will also receive daily videos of training sessions to show progress, and for reference.

  • Training will be done, both on and off site to solidify the training in multiple environments, and with multiple distractions and stimuli.
5 day K9 Bootcamp Package
  • This 5 day K9 bootcamp package is taught onsite during daycare hours. The training will be a more regimented and focused training with the intent on gaining as much out of those 5 days as possible.

  • The training will focus on proper leash and overall manners. This includes not jumping on visitors, not pulling or being reactive on leash. Walking at YOUR pace when going for walks, not the dogs. Sitting when you stop, and overall helping your dog understanding the will of the pack leader – YOU.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

K9 Commander believes training should be fun, fair, and firm.

Behavior modification starts with understanding and assessing what you have done in the past to address the problems and doing something different going forward.  Improving the relationship between the dog, the owner and members of the family starts with the dog knowing his rank within the pack; dog must not portray a higher rank than any human in the pack.  It is important to find the right balance between obtaining results on the right timeline and working at a pace and with tools that the owner and dog are comfortable with.  K9 Commander’s mission is helping to empower owners with knowledge of training tools and techniques and giving them confidence to put them in action proactively even in the absence of the trainer.

Tim understands that all dogs are unique and may benefit from different training methods and is very open to the owner’s input and involvement.  Tim understands a good trainer is an effective teacher/communicator for both humans and dogs and does not sacrifice a dog’s well being for results.  He believes in always learning and incorporating new information, techniques and tools into their program in order to improve results.  He does not make an owner feel guilty for a lack of knowledge or past failures but instead tries to motivate them to do better in the future.

Lastly, a good trainer is honest and recognizes when they are not equipped to deal with a certain behavior or dog, and does not take on a client if they are not confident in their abilities.

Some of our Feedback

What People are Saying


We first called Tim because our ball of lovable energy lacked impulse control. He so badly wanted to see and meet people that he was running the risk of hurting someone with his level of energy. Tim quickly started his training with US, and teaching us how to better help Henry. The training is having mind blowing results, and Henry is always Happy to see Tim and his training sessions. We cannot thank The K9 Commander enough for his continued help in creating the relationship and environment we had always envisioned with our Henry!

– Shane Dalziel

Leila, Lexi & Sofi

I am the proud owner of two very big white labs and one precious French bulldog. As much as I love my babies sometimes their behavior is not so becoming. We have spent a lot of money on training to no avail. All I wanted was them trained to walk on a leash but the trainers just never really focused on that concept. Then the most professional trainer I know named Tim came into our lives. So I signed them up for one more training. This was it. No more money spent on training even if this didn’t work and sorry to say but after so many failures I really didn’t expect much. Well, do you know it took him one, yes that is one day and he had Lexi walking beside him on a leash. Eventually he could walk her without a leash. I could not believe my eyes. I was so proud of her and of him for his very intellectual training. He knew instantly how to handle her. Then there was Sofi and the bulldog Leila. Sofi now walks without pulling me everywhere, and my little Leila walks now even though she’s the fierce one of the bunch. So if your at a point where you have accepted the fact that you are going to be mistreated every time you walk your dogs don’t give up. Call Tim, I can promise you, your dog will be a new dog and you will pick up a great friend. Tim the k9 commander trains with love and respect. He was the best decision we have made.

– Vicky Stevens


Tim Canine is by far one of the best puppy/dog trainers in the area. His experience is shown through his extensive knowledge of dog behaviors. He quickly identifies what the problem is and how to correct it. He has been working with our puppy Willie, teaching him to walk on a lease properly instead of him walking us. He also is excellent in giving tips on house breaking. He offers great tips to minimize barking! He makes training very simple and is very effective. Tim is considered a “dog whisperer” and we are lucky to have someone with his expertise in our area.

– Marty and Donny Knell-Bell


Within 45 minutes of first visit Daisy was walking on my left without trying to pull. Tim disconnected the leash and she continued on my left even when making 90° turns across the street. Well done Tim

– Dan Romanelli


My wife and I fell in love with a rescue dog who had great obedience to us but just could not control her reactivity on walks when she saw another dog. It was difficult for other family members to control Mia and feel safe taking her for walks. It was also embarrassing for everyone when we could not control her bark at all. Tim taught us how to effectively communicate with our dog and reinforce positive behaviors. Tim was always prompt and valued our time when we had a session scheduled. Mia’s behaviors have progressed to a level of confidence we didn’t think was possible. It is a joy to walk Mia and see her become more and more confident. Our family is so grateful for Tim and the services he provided our family.

– Joseph and Taylor Glassbrenner


I was so happy to meet Tim and have him train my boy, Scout and myself.  Tim helped to identify the behaviors we needed to work on. In such a short time, Tim had Scout walking so great on lead and off lead. Scout truly bonded with Tim and Tim is one of his favorite people in the world.  Tim is the dog whisperer as he has such a great connection to the dogs he trains.  I am looking forward to working with Tim again. You will not find a better trainer than Tim. Thank you for working with my sweet boy.

– Margaret

Bo Peep

Wow does Tim know his stuff! I was thoroughly impressed with the in-home training we did for our puppy French bulldog., Bo Peep. He even met with us prior to picking out our pup and gave us tips on things to look for when choosing from a littler and how to react with the kids and we brought her home. We have been to other dog trainings before with our previous dog however this in-home session was a game changer for one on one teaching of not only our pet but for us and the kids!! Would highly recommend him for any dog stage you may be experiencing.

– Katie Semon


My experience with Tim has been amazing. Little Jolie was nick named “Baby Shark” by my friends but after 4 private sessions with Tim she has become a much more disciplined girl. I gained so much knowledge and as I continue modifying MY behavior I know Jolie will continue to modify hers. Tim worked a miracle for us!

– Carrie Bloom

Gremlin & Olivia

These two look like they wouldn’t hurt a fly, but they were the terrors of the neighborhood with other dogs (including my sister’s and parent’s dogs)! Tim did such an AMAZING job helping me understand WHY they were acting out this way! I can’t thank you enough for being so patient and understanding how spoiled rotten my “kids” were…okay…are. They now listen to me and walk with me so much better! I am SO thrilled to see them get along with my family’s dogs too! Finally! THANK YOU!!!! You are the BEST! I would recommend Tim to everyone!!

– Sherle Page

Lillian, Athena and Mojo

During my search for a second family dog, I decided to foster 2 puppies. Needless to say I am a foster fail, adopted both puppies and found myself with a pack of dogs.
They are all  smart dogs but owning a pack comes with a different set of issues. After a number of unsuccessful attempts to find the right trainer I stumbled upon Tim Crane’s name. I read his website and was beyond impressed. His resume and credentials are outstanding and I knew he was the trainer for us! His extensive background and passion  for animals is beyond what I have ever experienced with other trainers. He was able to immediately identify the troublemaker in my pack. With one session he had my boxer mix calmly walking by other dogs without reacting and lunging like a bucking bronco. My beagle mix spent a session working through her fearful issues and is now able to accompany me to dog friendly stores. My Shepard mix has improved her indoor manners. Tim is gifted and able to recognize a problem and has an immediate solution for it. He has been an absolute miracle worker for my pack! (I think I was more difficult to train than the dogs!) If you are looking for a trainer who has a passion for helping people and animals than Tim Crane, The k9 Commander,  is for you!

– Sharon Casper


Without hesitation we would recommend The K9 Commander to anyone in search of a dog trainer. Tim’s firm, fair, and fun approach to training had Snoop behaving like a different dog on day one. In just four training sessions we learned the tools necessary to help Snoop continue on his path to becoming a well-rounded dog. Our confidence not only grew in his abilities, but also our own!

– Amanda Shirely and Gene Whit

The K9 Commander Way

About The K9 Commander


K9 Commander owner/trainer, Tim Crane, retired from the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police Department in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with 25 years of experience. In addition, he has 19 years of ongoing military service in the US Army, US Air Force Reserve, and Pennsylvania Air National Guard. 

Tim has over 17 years experience working with narcotics detection police K9s.  As a certified K9 instructor from Shallow Creek Kennels in Sharpsville, Pennsylvania, and Strategic Law Enforcement K-9 Training Inc. in Irwin Pennsylvania, he has trained explosive/narcotics and patrol police K9s and teams.  

As a member of the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police K9 Unit Training Staff, he has had the privilege of certifying, training, and maintaining many street-certified police K9 teams.  Teams consisted of all Pittsburgh Bureau of Police K9 handlers and several outside municipal police agencies, including but not limited to Wilkinsburg, Robinson Township, Butler City, Uniontown, Whitehall Borough, Pittsburgh Public School Police, as well as Allegheny, Beaver, and Mercer County Sheriff K9 teams in both explosive, and narcotics detection and patrol.

Professionaly Trained and Certified

Professional Certifications

Strategic Law Enforcement Training NAPWDA Master Trainer Bill Sombo

NAPWDA – North American Police Working Dog Association

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The K9 Commander operating out of Youngsville NC and proud to serve the surounding areas. 

The K9 Commander is proud to partner with Audrey’s Barkyard to offer Board and Train, and K9 Bootcamp. Please inquire if you would like more information about these services.

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